G Pro Portable Herbal Vaporizer Pen Review

G-Pro Herbal Vape by Grenco Science

What is it?

The G Pro is a dry herb vape pen manufactured by Grenco Science. This pen is a true convection based dry herb vaporizer that isn’t susceptible to combustion like the original Snoop Dogg G Pen. One thing you will notice is that this pen looks similar to a few other brands that you may have seen online. For example the Apex by Vape Vet, Vaporfi Orbit, Kandypens and the Titan 2 by Hebe.

There are a lot of mixed reviews as to which one provides the most quality although in our experience the G Pro and the Apex are excellent dry herb vaporizers once you get used to how they work.

Kit Includes: (1) rechargeable battery, (1) G Card, (5) filter screens, (1) cleaning brush, (1) G Pro Wired USB Charger, (3) mouthpiece sleeves, (2) extended mouthpiece sleeves

For use with: dry herbs / flowers

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Key Features / What You Need to Know:

The G Pro has the option of three different heating settings; 320°F (red light), 380°F (green light), and 420°F (blue light). This is great for anybody looking for more control over how much vapor they are inhaling. Some people are comfortable vaping at 320°F while others enjoy a harsher experience and get more enjoyment at 420°F instead.

G Pro Pen & BoxThe G Pro is a fairly slim device that is very compact and discreet. It can fit easily into a pocket or into your bag. Although, due to its easily removable cover you need to be very careful that it doesn’t open up and spill dry herbs all over the place. A great solution is to wrap it into a plastic bag before placing it into your backpack or your pocket. Doing this also helps to reduce the smell as well.

Another great thing about this vape is that you don’t have to press down on the button during your session. All you need to do is perform 5 clicks and your pen will be turned on and ready for vaping. Once your device has been in use for 3 minutes it will automatically shut off to prevent any overheating and to help preserve your battery.

What We Liked (Pros)?

One thing we really like about the G Pro is how easy it is to load and operate. For example the top cover snaps off very easily and right there you have access to your oven. Pack your dry herb, snap your cover back on and you’re good to go. Another thing we really liked was the taste and how much vapor we were able to get on its highest setting.

G Pro Oven

It can be a little tricky to get consistently big clouds. Although, as long as you pack your oven to the top and don’t overflow, use the hottest setting and wait a few seconds after the indicator light turns green. Then you can get a few great hits before your material runs out. (also, make sure that your material is completely dried out. otherwise you run the risk of it not burning properly and wasting your dry herb or tobacco.)

Lastly, we really like how easy it is to maintain. Since this pen can only function with dry herbs, it makes it easier when it comes to cleaning. Ideally if you use your pen everyday then you should clean it everyday. However, you can easily get away without thoroughly cleaning for a week or even two weeks, even if you use it everyday. (assuming you give it a mild brush off each time you reload)

What We Didn’t Like (Cons)?

To be honest there really isn’t much we didn’t like about this pen. When we first purchased it we did have a little trouble getting a good hit consistently, but after short time we were able to get used to it.

One thing that did bother us though was how long the pen took to heat up at times. The G Pro is supposed to take anywhere from 60-90 seconds to prepare, although depending on your battery life (and temperature setting) you can be waiting well past 90 seconds before your vape is ready to go.

If you vape on the highest setting like we do, then expect to wait closer to 90 sec more often than not, especially if you’re away from your charger. We noticed that after a fresh charge you generally need to wait closer to 60 sec +/- depending on your environment. Although with a used battery, you generally need to wait closer to 90 seconds.

Another thing that may concern users is how hot the tip gets during use. If it’s your first time vaping then putting on one of the mouthpieces will greatly reduce the heat on your lips. You can even try one of the extended tips which will shield you from the heat almost completely.


At the end of the day we think the G Pro is one of the best dry herb vape pens available on the market. This convection based pen does an excellent job of uniformly vaporizing your material so that you get the most out of your session.

We do love that this pen has the option for three different temperature settings although we really only use it at 420°F as we like that harsh feeling when we inhale.

If you’re looking for a very compact and affordable vape pen to use exclusively for dry herbs then we highly recommend checking out the G Pro from Grenco Science.

Snoop Dogg Pro ModelClick here for more info or to purchase online. Or, check out the new Snoop Dogg version of the G Pro. *BUSH, DGK & Black Scale versions are also available.

Similar Alternatives:

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G Pro

G Pro



    Ease of Use




        Battery Life


          Vapor Quality/Taste



            • 3 different temperature settings
            • Very durable design
            • Easy to load & easy to clean


            • Can take some time to heat up your oven
            • Battery could last a little longer
            • Only vapes dry herbs

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