The Best Vape Pen for 2014/2015

Info on the Top Vape Pens Online

For more information on the best vape pen brands, see the list below and be sure to click their page for a full review.

1.) G Pen (Grenco Science)
2.) PAX (PAX Labs formerly Ploom)
3.) Atmos Raw RX
4.) Trippy Stix 2.0
5.) Omicron V2
6.) G Pro (Grenco Science)
7.) Arizer Air
8.) Grasshopper (Coming Soon)
9.) PAX 2 (PAX Labs formerly Ploom)
10.) Phantom Premium (Cloud V)

(*list is in no particular order)

Which Portable Vaporizer is For Me?

Finding a quality vaporizer pen comes down to what type of substance or material you are looking to vaporize. Whether it’s dry herbs, oil, tobacco, wax/butter or e-juice. Your choice is going to vary. Once you’ve made the decision on what type of material you will be using on a regular basis you can then start looking at the different brands and styles available.

Oil / E-juice

If your preferred method of vaporization includes the use of butane oils or e-juices then you will have a much larger selection to choose from. The majority of pens manufactured use oil or concentrates including the micro and mini versions that are also available.

Wax / Butter

Wax is another common material used by vaporizers. You may also see these being referred to as ‘concentrates’. There are many different concentrates to choose from which are also available with some brands when you purchase.

Dry Herbs / Flowers

If using dry herbs is your preferred method, then your options won’t be as diverse. Although, there are models available in the market that allow you to interchange and switch between using oils, waxes and herbs.

*Not all dry herb/flower vaporizers actually vaporize. Make sure to do your research so you know what you’re really getting.*

Your Needs and Budget

At the end of the day finding the best pen comes down to where/how you want to use it and how much you’re willing to spend. For example, if you’re looking for something discreet to smoke indoors that also doesn’t leave much of a smell. Then you’re most likely going to want to try the Cloud or the popular Micro G pen, which will easily cost you less than $100.

Also, try to stay away from imitation and cheap no name brand vaporizer pens. You can definitely get a great deal on a no name brand and sometimes they do work well in emergency situations. Although if you’re looking for longevity and a good warranty, then you better keep moving.

What to Look for in the Best Vape Pen?

Vapor Quality

Big Clouds or Small Coulds?For most people looking to purchase a vaporizer, the amount of vapor that your pen can produce is a major factor when it comes to buying or not. Not all brand name pens are going to give you quality results, so be sure to find out before hand whether or not the device you’re interested in can carry it’s weight in this department.

Also, is the vapor harsh or smooth? Having a unit with adjustable heat settings is a benefit in this situation, because you’re able to control how much you receive. Some people like a smooth hit, while others prefer a more harsh hit.

From our experience, some units just take some time to get used to, however some units are particularly known to not produce a lot of cloud and are recognized for taste instead.


You can usually tell the quality of a pen by how it tastes. Generally a clean flavorful taste is what you’re looking for when buying the best vape pen. Whether you are using oil, wax, or dry herbs, you should be able to taste as much of your material as possible and it should not be too hot.

Your device should never taste or smell rubbery, metallic or burnt. It’s understandable to experience a bitter taste towards the end of your session, but anything else should not be tolerated.

*This is usually the case with fake or no name brands.

Battery life

USB Charger CableFor the average user, a fully charged battery should give you about a 1-2 days of use without having to worry about recharging (depending on your device). If you’re a heavy user, then you may need to sneak in a charge mid day, or just before your last session for the night. In reality though, not all vaporizer batteries are the same, and it also depends on how often you are heating your material and how many people you are regularly smoking with.

Typically your battery should take approx. 2-4 hours to fully charge. Warming up can vary anywhere from 5 sec all the way up to 2 min depending on the brand.


Is your portable vaporizer pen built to last? Is it a disposable unit or a no name? Was it under $50 or did it cost over $100? Sometimes, spending more money for a high end device isn’t a bad idea. Especially if it’s going to last you for anywhere up to 3 or more years.

Conduction vs Convection (Dry Herb)

Vaporizers generally work in two ways when it comes to vaping botanicals (flowers). The best vape pen units are usually convection based because of their ability to evenly burn your material. There is also a smaller chance of combustion with this heating method as well.

Extras: Accessories & Mods

Does your vape pen offer different accessories out of the box? For example some manufacturers provide additional options such as; mouthpieces, chargers (wall/USB), dabbers, additional chambers, cleaning kits, wax containers and sometimes key chains.

Some like to take it to the next level and start getting involved in mods to increase the overall power of their vape pen. If you’re a beginner, you don’t really need to worry about this. However, it’s definitely something to look into if you’re looking to improve your vaporizing experience.

Where to Purchase?

There are tons of places online that sell portable vaporizers. I really mean a ton of places! The thing you need to make sure of is that you’re buying from a reputable dealer that “knows” about their products. Many dealers purposely carry replicas or fake knock offs of the major brand names at cheaper prices, while some don’t even know they are fake.

If you’re fine with buying a knock off, then by all means use eBay, Alibaba etc. at your own risk, but you will not get the same quality build or warranty plan. To us, those are major concerns which is why we made a list of the most reputable places to buy genuine brand name products and merchandise.


Vapornation (located in California) is one of the biggest resources for vaporizers, portable vapes and pens on the internet. When compared to other online retailers they by far have the best vape pen selection you will find.

They also have a wide variety of accessories such as aromatherapy oils, grinders, cases, bags, scale etc. Their prices are some of the lowest online and they are also a great resource for learning. (They also offer a price match guarantee. Type in the price you’ve seen elsewhere and if approved it will automatically adjust the price to match the competitor.)

Vape World

Vape World (located in Florida) is another well known online retailer for desktop, portable and pen vapes. They ship from locations all over the United States and are a very reliable resource. They also have a great learning center where you can get more info about vaping and the company itself.

Blaze Depot

Blaze Depot (located in Ohio) is one of the cheapest places to buy portable vapes as well. They have excellent prices on some of the most reputable brands and believe it or not they are legit. See below for an unboxing of the Omicron V2.

Vaporfi (formerly Vaporzone)

Vaporfi (located in Florida) is quite different from other the merchants above. They actually sell their own style of vaporizers & e-cigs instead of marketing other brands and manufacturers. Plus, you can only seem to purchase their products from their physical or online store.

VaporFi Not Your Ordinary Electronic Cigarette
Vaporfi sells proprietary yet very durable vaporizers. Most of which are geared towards oils and concentrates, although they do have some dry herb options as well.

Vapage (cheapest way to try?)

Located in California, Vapage is a very well known manufacturer of of e-cigs and vaporizers. They are similar to Vapofi in that they only sell proprietary products as well as e-liquids and replacement parts.

Vapage offers a very affordable option to get started. At $29.99 they offer the CIG2o ePRO 650mAh Kit which includes your pen, a charger and a bottle of e-juice. We’ve looked at many free trial offers, although sometimes they can be tricky to cancel if you don’t pay attention to your calendar.

Vapage E-Cigs & VaporizersUnfortunately this pen does not vaporize dry herbs or traditional hemp oils. However, you are able to vape CBD oil or your own homemade cannabis liquid instead. See below.

Legal CBD E-Liquid

If you’re looking to vape only the CBD portion of the plant, then you can always opt for pre-made CBD e-liquid. There is a large chance that many of you have not tried this liquid out before, so it’s great to know that Miracle Smoke allows it’s potential customers to give their service line a call. The number also has an extension. If you call during the week at normal business hours you should not have much trouble getting through.

This liquid is great for anyone looking to medicate without experiencing the nauseating effects. Keep in mind that this liquid has no traces of THC and is extracted from legally grown hemp located in India. It is legal to sell, own or distribute this liquid/oil in all 50 US states.

Miracle Smoke Free Trial Offer
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